Soulacia Resort

Soulacia Resort, kanha National Park

Soulacia Resort situated at the Kanha National Park is a place for people who love to get luxury and jungle in one place. At Soulacia Resort, there are several different things to experience when on a weekend. Here things never stop at just the stay at a luxury resort but they go beyond it and walk till the hiking and trekking in the Kanha National Park. This resort offers different kinds of stay for people. If a person wishes to experience the wildness of jungle then they can opt for the tents or the independent cottages and if wants to stay in warmth of room then can stay at the rooms of the resort. This is not enough; the rooms also make a person to look at the wide opened green jungle from the window at a time. If you don’t want to stay inside then move out and explore the greenways of jungle or sit in the pool and feel relaxed with your friends. The bar & kitchen is the best for the tasty food with a coffee shop around which offers some very favored tastes.

At Soulacia Resort, one can also experience some spa and naturopathy treatment. When on a weekend a spa would work the best for rejuvenating the body from the whole week’s hard work. For a level of experience people can take their children along for the weekend so they can understand the efforts Resort authority is making for a cleaner & greener environment and they can also follow the same thing. Soulacia Resort is an eco friendly resort and keeps everything in such a way that it don’t harm the environment. Kanha is huge park and people even go for the hiking & trekking there and reaching at the top point of the mount you will see the beautiful sunset like never before. Apart from this if you count on the adventure then you can also go for a jungle safari whichever way you wish to, by jeep, elephant or nature walk on cycles or on foot.

Jeep Safari & elephant safari are done during the particular time but the nature walks are mostly preferred during the time of morning when the nature is the at its best and even if you wish you can go for the jungle safari in the morning since it will be time animals will be active. Staying at resort won’t let you down. You can collect a lot of knowledge from the books present at the Soulacia Resort or even can enjoy the free activities at the resort which are for the visitors like the indoor and the outdoor games. This place is perfect area for the nature lovers and the people who love the adventure in jungles. Making your weekend perfect. This place never lets you down for it but even calls for lot of excitement among the visitors.

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