Adventure Island is similar to a place where each and every vein is full of adventure. Comprising lots of rides which are attractive and fun to try this place is just another level of fun and enjoyment for people. It’s not just that this park is only for the adults but there is also a separate zone for the kids and family also where the kids can have fun, enjoy the little rides and parents can feel happy watching their kids occupied with such amazing rides. Adventure Island is having a separate water park also for the adults and kids as well where rides are separated as per the people. It becomes fun when you get to enjoy all things in one go. There is also a rainbow dance which consists of a pool having water only till our foot level and from the top different rainbow coloured bands shower the water and people enjoy that with the rides. What makes it interesting is the thing that it is at the amusement park of Adventure Island and the people enjoy it during winters also. Comparing to the rides amusement rides are much better than the water rides in Adventure Island. This park in Delhi offers many other paid water and dry sports also which are need to be paid differently after the entry in the amusement park. The best one could be the water coaster which is a big cylindrical shaped bubble and person gets into it for rolling over the water. It is quite adventurous also because oxygen inside the bubble remains only for 10 minutes and within that time the person has to return back to the finishing point so they can be taken out. For the safety measure a guard also stays nearby so in emergency he can deal with it. Many events are also organized at this such an amazing park which lets a person to feel like a day time party at Adventure Island. So what are you waiting for. Explore these adventures soon.