Ranger’s Lodge

Ranger's Lodge - "A Homestay in the Mid of Jungle"

Rangers Lodge isn’t a normal lodge or a resort but a real jungle resort where you can actually experience some good adventure. This resort is located in the middle of green fields and is a very spacious yet cozy place for the visitors. Rangers Lodge is having a beautiful structure from inside and outside also. This place offers the amazing delicious food on the plates for visitors comes directly from the kitchen’s garden. All the vegetables used are organic and fresh to keep the healthy diet of visitors. Rangers Lodge belongs to a person named, Imran who is a dweller of the Ramnagar village. He came with an idea of building a resort which is much for the adventure lovers. You can go for a jungle safari which will be accompanied by a guide who can clear all your queries and doubts about the jungle and will also give you a lot of knowledge about the Jim Corbett jungle.

Rangers Lodge is a place which is the best for the people visited during any time of the year. Visitors can simply stay at the resort and spend the weekend with friends having enjoyable games which one wouldn’t find at the cities.  Apart from this the relaxation you will find here cannot be find anywhere else. There are different suits for the people to choose from for the stay during the weekend and if you are planning a bit longer weekend then a person can have an itinery for it after consulting the Lodge. All the rooms here are wide opened windows which are facing the greenery of the jungle and with a balcony in which person can relax and sit for a cup of tea.

Rangers Lodge is meant very carefully for all kind of the requirements of a person and every room is equipped with all the necessary facilities in the room. Rangers Lodge doesn’t need any definition to describe it but it is an ultimate place for the visitors. So head to this amazing Lodge for the never ending fun you will experience here and cherish forever. Moreover this place is perfect for the weekend since spending one or two nights is very much suitable and you will be able to explore a lot of from the jungle. So the jungle is waiting for you totally unexplored, visit and explore all the different zones of this huge national park known for its rich population of tigers.

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