Aahana Resort

Aahana Resort - An Eco Friendly Wilderness Resort

Aahana Resort is a eco-friendly resort situated at the Jim Corbett park and makes it a perfect place for the nature lovers. This place is hardly 5 hours of drive from the Delhi and it works as a great getaway during the weekend. The story behind the Aahana Resort’s name is famous, it is said that the sun’s first rays always falls on it and the resort shines bright because the sun rays. People visit Aahana Resort for some peace of mind and enjoying the jungle safari but are this much is sufficient for the visitors? No. Everybody expects to have fun when on weekend and it becomes important when a person goes somewhere out for the weekend. Combining many other interesting activities with the package this place becomes a perfect place to spend a weekend with family or the friends. This place from having a pool outside the resort to serving finger licking food has everything in it. They have a never ending list of the visitors who returned with a happy curve in their faces. The resort offers seven different kinds of the suits for the visitors as per the capacity and the need people can book them and different pools outside the resort for children and the adults.

Aahana Resort is having many activities including the indoor and outdoor games for kids. Those activities are a way of staying at the resort and enjoying the day without going out. A person can also go for the nature walk on cycle or on foot which is going to give you some spectacular green view all around. Jeep safari is a normal thing which every visitor does but going every time for it be the best because you will experience something different or will watch a another kind of a animal you’d have never seen. Another ride the buggy ride is also a good option which takes you for a nature ride but in a very royal way.

Aahana Resort is having their own naturopathy center where people who are on a weekend can get a rejuvenating spa done for body which is going to make their soul happy and body back into life. There restaurant, Dhikala offers a multi cuisine taste which s totally organic since it is eco-friendly resort they use only the self grown fruits and vegetable for it. Even you can find a milk dairy also for the milk from where they use the real cow milk. Apart from all these there is everything very much perfect for every visitor and the visitors can enjoy many other activities then just indulging into the safari or ride but the indoor and outdoor games and the children can stay occupied with the playground. So, overall this package works for every person who wishes to spend a weekend away from home and wants to make most of it.

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