Exploring Worlds Of Wonder is much like a new adventure every time for a new kind of fun. It’s place with never ending fun and the rides which are as amazing as the visitors. Worlds of Wonder is called by a short name WOW, it is so because firstly it works like an abbreviation for the name and secondly every ride at WOW, be it from the amusement park or the water park but it’s always amazing to see and try. It consists of many electronic rides and other water rides also which are very adventurous. Worlds Of Wonder is having three different things to try, the amusement park, the water park and the go-karting activity. Prices for tickets are different as per the number of people and the age groups here, besides packages can also be formed for the group if you are more in number or coming from a particular organization. ‘Rapid Race’ is the star attraction but the real gateway to a nail biting experience is the ‘Turbo Tunnel’. Aside from these, there are numerous other slides, splash-down rides and a wave pool for your family to make some joyous memories. Worlds Of Wonder’s amusement park is divided among two different zones, The Road Show & La Fiesta. The Road show is only for the adventure lovers and consists rides which are for only adults. La Fiesta is the place for the family and kids comprising rides for kids. You can either sit on the grasses for a small picnic or see your little ones laughing and enjoying the rides specially made for them. These helps in making a family package of hearty moments and memories. The third activity of Go-karting is the best and the most adventurous which redefines the meaning of speed with its wide enough road for this four wheeler kart. Apart from all these many events are also organized at Worlds Of Wonder in which famous DJ are invited to rock the party. so droll over the fun at this amazing WOW park which calls for only fun and gives you relief from the stress of your daily life.