One of the best and all in one park in Delhi is the Parkash amusements which is known for the all adventurous thrills a person will experience at this park. Many other amusements parks are also there in Delhi but if you are visiting with your children who are under the age of 15 then you must visit the Parkash amusements since it is having many other activities and rides which are specially for the kids. Water park and rides are a normal thing but this amusement park is having an additional benefit of activities and gift winning games which are offered inside the park. If one wants to try hands on the gift games then they can win some gifts also on the performance basis. Things get interesting when you make something interesting out of them and this is the place for all those fun. Parkash amusements doesn’t limits you till here but is also having a play ground for kids who are under age for the water park. Such things keep your kids occupied when you are enjoying. Talking about the rides, so there are numerous rides and both kinds of rides the electric ones and the water rides, besides also a playground for the kids. Parkash amusements is having rides for all age groups and everything is being kept under the surveillance. Rides are for kinds of people including the ones who loves the high rides and the ones who wants to have some easy rides or you can even simple sit and spend time near the pool. It’s not just about the rides but there are also many eateries inside the park so you don’t have to go out for food. Parkash amusements are having the finger licking food eateries which are a must try. It would take you a whole day to explore complete park and try all the adventure with those finger licking food. Your day at this park would end but not the adventures. Explore it as much as possible.