Now this place- Aapno Ghar is something much of upgraded level which is having more of facilities than others. Aapno Ghar combines of every facility and is much more than just being a single amusement park. From a water park to a conference hall for meetings there is everything at Aapno Ghar you can think of. So if a person is coming somewhere from outside NCR also then they can spend their night at the Aapno Ghar luxury rooms available there. They offer different suits as per the requirement of the person. The restaurant here is quite huge and divided among the Baza( Restaurant) and the Madhushala(bar). Here they also offer the Banquet facility and the open party lawn for the people who wishes to celebrate their any auspicious occasion here. They even have a conference meeting hall for the business purpose so people can arrange for the business meeting here without any problem and impress their guests by offering them a ticket to amusement park, so the work can turn into the fun with the colleagues. Then yes! We all know for what is the Aapno Ghar known for… the Amusement park and the water park. Both kind of rides at the Aapno Ghar are amazing and also a must try. This park is one such place which is having many rides for the tiny tots also and for adults as well. For the people who love to try different then Aapno Ghar is also having a Bhul Bhulaiya which is a puzzle in which people enters from one place and exits from another. It is actually fun trying it and finding way to move out. For kids entertainment Aapno Ghar is also having Pan Ball game in which many balls are putted in one place then kids get in and throw balls on each other. That makes fun for the kids and apart from this they organize for the puppet show also which is for both adults and kids. So this never ending fun is waiting for you to come and enjoy every bit of it.