Yes! So Entertainment City is the place for fun and shopping together. Go inside, enjoy rides or the water park then come out for fine dining and some shopping experience and fun games. Basically this Entertainment City consists of three different parts among which Garden Galleria is built recently and the Worlds Of Wonder also known as WOW and The Great India Place were built earlier. Consisting of three different parts it makes a place for a weekend fun or the timepass for the weekdays. This never calls for the person of a particular age but any age group may enjoy every bit of it. Entertainment City is divided for different parts and different fun zones.  Both the malls are having many amazing restaurants which are having finger licking food and other gift earning games or simply call them a place for all the brands and shop for some exclusive styles for yourself. Worlds Of Wonder is the place which is having many electronic rides and water park. During summers people prefer waterpark and in winters the amusement park. Worlds Of Wonder is no less than a adventure park for people who love heights included in fun. Even the water rides here are also of many different types including slides from the good height which makes a worth of the visit. Entertainment City is the place for all the fun in one place hence it is called as the Entertainment City because here the fun is never ending with an additional entertaining games also. It makes a perfect place for the fun lovers and the fellas of college which are always hunting for a place to do timepass. The fellas of Delhi University can also enjoy the place by just spending the time sitting and having chats with friends. so you better at this place ASAP for the much awaited fun during the summers.