Best Wildlife Safari in India

Hundreds of wildlife parks but everyone wants to know about the best wildlife parks in India. Both adventure and nature together since they are having many animals and greenery all around. The best part is a person can watch many migratory birds also in a wildlife parks. Wildlife parks are like a trend nowadays  many visitors throughout the year. People from everywhere from the nation come and explore these places for a better knowledge of the wildlife.


Top  list of best wildlife parks in India this park has some major goals for the visitors. Jim Corbett is  to be very rich in its population of the tigers and the birds plus with the greenery all around one can easily be sure of the fact that this is the place for every nature lover. Many visitors have claimed to see a tiger when on the way of Jim Corbett’s round. Don’t bother about the worries of life when you are at this park and just enjoy the amazing beauty of this park.


This place is a heaven for the people who love the nature and birds. A person can also find a lot of species of rare animals here and watch the amazing nature of those animals. Kanha National Park is  among the Best wildlife parks in India because of its rich vegetation everywhere all around. People who make a stay at the Soulacia resort get complimentary fun of Kanha National park because they get a chance to spend time with the nature. It’s never just about the park but also the peace they offer person. It’s not just the people but the person who drives through the park lets people to know more about it.


Wildlife park situated at the Gurgaon district of Haryana and works like a one day for the Delhi people since its only 50 kilometers from the Delhi. It is having more than 250 species of birds and every year more than 100 species of migratory birds from Siberia, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey and East European countries. Although it is a place mainly for the birds but this park is also rich in the wildlife population. It has many striped hyenas, blue bull, wild dogs and cats, hedgehog etc in it because of the forest management efforts. It is a famous picnic point for the Delhi people because of the greenery all around. Watching the birds and exploring some wildlife during the weekend isn’t a bad idea.


This wildlife park is on the fourth in the list of best wildlife parks in India and is located near the Rishikesh. It is  merging three sanctuaries and hence called as Rajaji National Park. It is having four different entrances but the chilla is known  the best for the wildlife enthusiast people. This park is  every year from 15th November to 15th June which is the best time to visit it.  This park is rich in elephant population and other wildlife also. It is also having a great view of flora all around and people can enjoy it during the visiting hours.


This park has the specialty of being relatable to the maharajas of the Rajasthan & Jaipur. Its name is also kept after the fortress Ramthambore and has many water bodies inside name like the Rajasthani forts. It is a great place for the people who wish to catch this rare combo of history and nature together. Ramthanbore among the best wildlife parks in India because of this rare combination and has a deep relatable history.