Best Water Parks in Delhi

Heat is turning on height and our couch is no more a place to make us feel relieved. So what will help us in summers? Yes! Only the best water parks in Delhi can help you out with this. A weekend which consist the list of whole best water parks in Delhi is hard to choose from so try all of them. Water parks in Delhi never lefts a person untouched with fun. Every visit to a water park makes you fall again for the summers. Escape into the best water parks in Delhi. Delhi is a place which is never out of trend and is famous for all the seasons. Here the heat is high and the winters are freezing, & the most awaited monsoon makes you skip the umbrella every time you step out the home and enjoy it. The same way Delhi is also having many other water parks to choose from. When weekends haunt you and you wish to go out for some fun then surely the water parks stay on the top of the list every time. Wondering which one is the best then we can help out in this. Take a deep breath and look at this list having the top 5 best water parks in Delhi.


Having 7 different water rides this park comes on the top of the list of best water parks in Delhi. Reason for being on the top is that it’s a bit far from Delhi so you can count it under the weekend list also but when it’s hot there is no as such a thing called weekend. Heat never lets you to feel it this way. This Jurasik Park having many rides is the best for both kids and adults. The two of the water rides we keep on the top are wave pool and the spin & whirl which are highly recommended to try at least for once. Apart from this, Jurasik Park is having a amusement park also which is also a good thing to try on. Apart from all these this park is having an amazing infrastructure which gives you a feel of Jurasik park and the dinosaur structure are amazing to get clicked with.


The second park under the best water parks of Delhi is Adventure Island and is surely a heaven for all the Delhites. Every Delhi person knows this place very place and must have been here at least for once. So, when it is on the second number we can say it is easy access to the ones living in the Delhi and one can reach to this Park by metro also. Here you can find many amazing water rides and the rainbow dance also which is something very enjoyable plus with the latest songs everything sets to be even more fun for the visitors. Crowd in this place is always nominal and being a huge park it’s never like a person will feel it very crowded.


On the third number this park gives us some major goals of Water Park. Being a hub for both food and rides this park is the outstanding place for every age group. Fun & food village is having many water rides and also a complimentary DJ for the visitors to enjoy their day at this wonderful place. This place is having many water rides and a separate section for the kids also with a playground so your child can enjoy many other swings also. There are many other eateries also in this park so people would never feel their hunger striking at any point of the enjoyment. This park is also having many relaxing places also so a person can relax after every while and can enjoy the most of it.


Splash water is located at the heart of India, Delhi and is a well renowned park for the water rides. It has a lot of crowd turning over it every year during summers and has a good fame among the Delhi people and even among the outsiders also. This park is known for the water rides and the fun and splash you will feel here no other park can give you that. People who wish to visit mainly the water park turns to this park and it never lets them down. It is an amazing place with many interesting rides for every age group with the complimentary DJ also for the visitors so it can be like a small day time party for everyone. Splash is mainly known for the high water rides and mostly the rides are for the adults but yes a separate section for kids make it a perfect place anyway for everyone.


This park is on the last of our list because it is much about the children than the adults. This park is very much affordable for every person and gives some amazing experience to the children also. It is having many water rides for the adults and a separate area for the kids. Majorly it also keeps a section for some very interesting activities for the kids which lets them to interact with other kids that makes it a much wonderful place for kids. Most of the time parents had to take kids on a separate day to a different place so kids can enjoy but this park is having many interesting rides for both the parents and the kids which make it a perfect place for the weekend fun. Every weekend this place is having a huge crowd of every age group and is preferred by many people.