Best Amusement Parks in Delhi

There are many amusement parks in Delhi but the best amusement parks in Delhi needs to come under the spotlight so people can judge where exactly they have to head. Being the capital city of India there is not just the crowd of Delhi people but many other visitors also. Amusement parks in Delhi are known for the thrill they offer with the best rides in the town. Almost every amusement park is counted among the best amusement parks in Delhi but they need to come under an order so people could decide better about it. Amusement park depends upon the rides and the rates they offer with any additional activity they are offering for the visitors. All the amusement parks are best since they are built on a large acres of area and are having something different in them which couldn’t be found in the another park. Many offers all time DJ music so others arrange for some gift games for the visitors to keep them involved in the fun. This way everyone enjoys and make some very memorable times for them and their groups. Here is the list telling you about the top five best amusement parks in Delhi.


Adventure Island comes on the top of the best amusement parks in Delhi. It is having the best adventurous rides in the town since they are much for the adults and a person who has the dare to ride onto the heights. It is known as the best place for the adventurous people and has a lot of crowd turning every winters and nominal around the year. Adventure Island is a place which is not only for the adults but also for the kids. They have a separate section for the kids and there are many other rides which are only for the kids. The best to visit can be any time throughout the year but people visit it mostly during the winters since they can have a quality time with their peeps and enjoy the winters sitting at the top of rides. In this park sections are divided for the every age group and they are even having different ticket prices as per the number of rides a person wishes to take in a visit. It never sits when it comes to adventure.


This park comes on the number two of best amusement parks in Delhi. You can see the wonders happening in the park. How people scream on the top of their voices showing others what they are feeling being there on the ride. Worlds of Wonder which is also known as the WOW is a place for the adventure lovers. The heights you are going to see when on the ride you will wonder about it. It is one of the best place in the Delhi and has many visitors also. Being a part of the E-city this combines up to be a place for the Delhi fiches also who are always in search of the new places to spend time at different places. E- City has something or another for every age group and it never lets anyone down. You can even go and shop for some latest brands from the malls which are outside the WOW. Combining many eating points for everyone it makes a great place to be loved by many people.


Delhi Eye coming on the third number also has a lot of crowd every year. It is also known as the kalindi kunj of Delhi. Having both Water Park and thee amusement it makes a place of enjoyment for the visitors. It is known as the Delhi Eye because it is believed that it has the highest Giant wheel in Delhi and you can see the whole Delhi when you are on the top of it. This places calls for a visit when you hear that you can watch the whole Delhi in one go. Many people visiting this place don’t know about this fact and visits the place just like the ones. Not only just the giant wheel but including many other good rides this place is a hamper for the visitors offering many amazing rides. It is built in some recent years but has a good rating everywhere and the line for visitors is nominal throughout the year. Visiting to this place one can also visit to Ohkla Bird Sanctuary which is very close to the Delhi Eye and has a lot of migratory birds coming here every season. It is also a place for the nature lovers. They can actually find the peace of mind being at the Delhi also. Delhi eye comes to be a package for the weekend and everyone can enjoy it.


Fun N Food Village is a place preferred by many people in Delhi. It is actually a very old place in Delhi which is being maintained till date also. It’s both water park and the amusement park is very famous and has a good rating everywhere. The place doesn’t calls for any kind of the adventure but is having the best of everything be it a DJ floor or the water rides or just the amusement park. Being a pretty old version this place is not having much of adventurous rides but surely has a million times amazing experience just like the another parks in Delhi. Call it a place exactly as it name say Fun with food which offers both the things on a high level where even the kids can also have an amazing weekend.


This park is quit far from the Delhi but is counted among the Delhi weekend escapes also. It has many people from Delhi also visiting it every year and offers many rides which are counted among the top rides for adventure lovers. Jurasik park is having amazing structure built and everywhere you can get the feel of being at Jurasik park though rides don’t say that but yes the architecture of the place says it the most. Every ride is it of Water Park or the amusement park has the amazing experience for every visitor. So visit to this park for the exclusive fun which you will find nowhere else.